If a great singing voice, writing ability, work ethic, stage presence, and heart of gold mean anything in this music business of ours, as well as being a real role model for teens,  Ashley Briggs is destined to achieve stardom on a major scale!"

-Mick Lloyd, Nashville, TN


     Everybody be on the look out for this up an coming new artist. As a guitar tec/guitar player in the music industry for 20 yrs, I have seen it all. This Girl CAN SING. You have singers like Shelby Lynn, Reba ,Patsy, Miranda, Emmylou Harris, and soon Miss Ashley Briggs. I can't wait to see Miss Ashley Briggs turn Nashville up side down."

-Wingnut, Nashville, TN



     Her music is as hot as the Florida sun."

-stars2come article

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      She's a natural entertainer with a pristine voice and a classy demeanor that fans of all ages gravitate towards."

- Mike Carroll, President Southfloridacountrymusic.com

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     When Ashley starts singing, the room goes silent and all focus is on her. She captivates all audiences she performs for."

-Trish McKibbin-Fire & Ice Productions


     I've had the pleasure of personally reviewing and working with many of the extraordinarily talented musicians rising up in the music industry today in cities all across the country. It has left me with little doubt that Ashley Briggs is one of the most talented, focused, level-headed, and professional performers among them. A South Florida singer/songwriter with the looks, the brains, and the attitude, not to mention a solid team around her and several well-written originals, to claim her fair share of the music market. It's only a matter of time before Ashley's talent, drive, and ability to succeed is discovered by someone with the capital and industry know-how to put her on to the bigger stages that she's undoubtedly destined for and prepared to occupy."

-Jason Shockey-Founder of Tunes For Tots benefitting the Make- A-Wish Foundation


     I cannot say enough about this wonderful young lady that I have had the pleasure to work with at many events. From Relay for Life, Downtown in Bloom, and ArtiGras, she has rocked many stages for me. She is truly an inspiration and great role model to all teens. She has such an amazing future in music and I can't wait to see her rise up the charts."

-Deborah Johnson-Relay for Life


     I have known Ashley since she was 14. I have watched her grow into a beautiful young woman and an amazing singer. Her journey is just beginning. Mark my words, with her talent and ambition, ther is no doubt that she will hit the heights of stardom."

- Karen Fallek, friend and fellow artist

     “ From Brad Paisley to Luke Bryan, in 2014 Cruzan Amphitheatre was able to pull in some of the hottest country acts around by bringing quality entertainment to the South Florida music scene. Every so often we're blessed with local talent that wins the admiration of fans near and far. Ashley Briggs, a true entertainer and ever the professional, is an artist to watch - one that we were thankful to have perform for us this year.”

-  K.C.  LiveNation Media and Sponsorship



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